Ladders are an essential piece of kit in every roofer’s arsenal, and they’re often a necessity to carry out DIY projects too. Whether you’re a roofer, an electrician, or a plumber, you’re going to need a dependable and safe ladder to work from. You need a ladder you can trust to be stable, to be secure and to be reliable. No matter the purpose of your ladder we’ve selected only the cream of the crop to be available to our customers, alongside insulating and fire-resistant loft hatches in some cases.

Ladders come in a number of different classes, depending on the job in hand, but what is a class 3 ladder, and what are the differences? Loft ladders are rated from class 1 to 3, with class 3 being for domestic use, with a maximum load of 125kg, class 2, now known as class EN131, which is for professionals, with a maximum load of 150kg, and class 3, which has a maximum load of 175kg, and is for industrial use.

Loft Ladders

Leading brands like Manthorpe and Youngman pave the way with their offering of loft ladders. In wood and metals like aluminium, loft ladders come suited exactly to what you, or your customer, needs. Loft ladders come as fold-up ladders and as extension ladders ready to be fitted onto a loft hatch for easy access. Simplifying this process we also cherry-pick the best loft hatches that have loft ladders already attached so you get a two-in-one system.

Loft Hatches

This range of loft hatches from Roofing Superstore boasts products from Timloc and Manthorpe as they give more choice to our customers on style, operation and fire protection. Choose between drop down or push-up loft hatches and, for installation in commercial areas, opt for a lockable loft hatch without comprising on style. Fire rated loft hatches are available too.

Step Ladders

Step ladders come in a range of sizes starting at two steps and working their way up. For heavy duty use a selection of trade and industrial-grade step ladders are offered that meet BS 2037 Class 1 ladder standards. Feel even more secure by opting for a GRP ladder with handrails or choose a platform step ladder so there’s somewhere to place your tools as you work.

Extension Ladders

It’s easy to get exactly what you need without compromising on storage space with extension ladders. Single, double and triple extension variations means you can achieve nearly 10m of extra reach while staying safe and secure. Youngman and Werner offer extension ladders in DIY, trade, industrial and GRP options.

Fire Escape Ladders

Fire escape ladders are temporary, or removable ladders that provide a fire escape route. Fire escape ladders should be fitted if a staircase or other fire escape route could potentially be blocked during a fire. Fire escape ladder regulations suggest that if there is no clear exit from the upper floors of a building, especially if the stairway is blocked, a fire escape ladder would provide a method of escaping from the building. Here at Roofing Superstore the most popular forms of fire escape ladder are the Down and Out fire escape ladder, which can be used out of a window to provide a means of exiting the building. 

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