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Electric VELUX windows and solar VELUX windows are designed to make your life easier and to maximise how effectively your VELUX roof windows work for you. Controlling your electric VELUX windows with one or more remote control pads means you’re able to open and close your windows from anywhere in your home and be confident that your command was actioned. Plus VELUX electric windows come in the ever-popular white-painted frame finish so you can retain your interior style.

The benefits of electric VELUX windows

Rain sensors are one of the benefits that electric VELUX window purchasers find the most convenient. All electric and solar powered VELUX windows come fitted with a rain sensor that will automatically close the window when it detects rain, benefitting you if you’re in another room, if you’re not at home or if you haven’t even realised that it’s raining. 

 Another benefit that having an electric VELUX window is that you’re able to programme a schedule into your remote control using the VELUX Integra system. This will allow you to have your windows open in summer for example 20 minutes before you arrive home from work, letting your windows ventilate your home. It can also help you to deter theft when you’re on holiday as if you pair electric VELUX blinds with your electric window you can programme the blinds to open and close throughout the day, leading people to believe somebody is at home. Struggle to wake up in the morning? Programme your control pads’ ‘Good Morning’ function to open your blinds and windows when you need to wake up.

Electric VELUX windows for hard-to-reach areas

If you’d like to install an opening window where you’d struggle to reach it, an electric VELUX window or VELUX electric skylight can totally eradicate this problem. Once the window is installed you can use the remote control to open, close and programme your window so no need to precariously balance on chairs or struggle to use an opening rod.

Upgrades for electric VELUX windows

Both solar and electric VELUX windows come with laminated double-glazing as standard however your project may require glazing upgrades that can offer even more to your home. Specialist noise reduction glazing is available for electric windows that will combat noise from the outside when your window is closed. The enhanced glazing will protect you from rain, hail and other disturbances like car alarms.

Alternatively, you could opt for energy-saving triple-glazed windows. Triple-glazed electric VELUX windows have a toughened outer pane alongside the original laminated inner pane of standard glazing. This extra layer will increase the energy performance of your window and the outer pane eliminates the build-up of condensation.

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