Windmaster Stainless Steel Chimney Cowl

Windmaster chimney cowls are very traditionally designed for mulit-fuel use to combat severe downdraught. To select which fuel type you’d like your Windmaster chimney cowl to work with, opt for either gas fuel Windmaster cowls or solid fuel Windmaster cowls. Manufactured from durable and reliable stainless steel, fitting a Windmaster chimney cowl is easy. This product comes with a fixing sleeve, external legs and a strap to keep it all in place in the strongest winds. 

What is a chimney cowl? 

Chimney cowls, also known as chimney pots, sit on top of chimney stacks and flues to minimise downdraught, stop animals nesting and to stop water from coming into the property. But why are these things important to prevent? 

Preventing downdraught is extremely important as a severe case can pose a risk to the health of building occupants if it goes unchecked. Downdraught occurs when there's not enough draw in the chimney stack or flue to pull the smoke and fumes up and out of the top. This usually occurs if the air above it is warmer than the air below, but it can happen for a number of reasons. Drawing the toxic smoke out of the home is obviously crucial but it also makes the fire more efficient too, burning easier using less fuel. 

Animals nesting on a chimney stack or flue may not seem like a concern for most animal-loving homes but unfortunately the reality is that by building a nest over the stack or flue opening, the flow of air is restricted. With similar consequences to downdraught, the smoke and fumes get stuck in the chimney stack and the only place for them to go is into the home. Not only is this a dangerous fact of nesting animals, they also leave droppings, feathers and can sometimes get trapped in stacks or flues, causing much distress all round! 

Water ingress can be anything from a trickle to a steady stream of water. Water entering a chimney stack or flue dampens the fuel below which means that wood for example cannot be used. It also can cause damp problems which may not be apparent until much later. If the chimney breast goes down through bedrooms for example, which is common in older semi-detached houses, water may start leaking into the walls here. The damp or mould may not just appear at the base of the chimney stack. 

Do these issues sound familar, or are you just looking to prevent them before you notice them? Choose the right chimney cowl for you using our helpful guide and pricing table. Alternatively, give our friendly customer services team a call on 01752 692760 and they’ll be glad to help you.

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