Bitumen Felt Roof Shingles - Square Butt

Square felt roof shingles are a popular choice amongst our customers as they offer an attractive and uniformed finish on any roof. From top brands such as Cembrit and IKO Armourglass, you can achieve a high quality and good-looking roof using bitumen felt roof shingles, whether you’re completing a DIY project or a project for your clients.

IKO Armourglass square shingles

Square shingles from IKO are lightweight, glass fibre bitumen strip slates that offer the user a neat, uniformed roofline. Square roofing shingles can be used on domestic or commercial buildings as a roof covering on pitches from 15° to vertical and as vertical cladding. IKO Armourglass shingles give a decorative finish with colour options like forest green, tile red and dual brown allowing you more control over the final appearance of your project. With a 10-year life expectancy and 4 shingles tab shingles per strip, these shingles take little time to install but will continue to perform and look good for years to come.

Cembrit square shingles

Cembrit square shingles are manufactured from coloured granules pressed into a bitumen felt base to ensure long-lasting colour and durability. Suitable for use on pitches greater than 18° these shingles feature 3 tabs per strip making installation quicker than traditional methods of tiling. The finished roof will perform well as Cembrit give these square shingles a 25-year life expectancy.

Coroshingle square shingle strips

The versatility of Coroshingle square shingles lends itself to use in many different types of builds. For use in timber frame roofing projects, these shingles feature a unique interlocking system that allows the tiles to be laid quickly and easily. They’re guaranteed to remain weather proof for ten years when fixed as according to the instructions and the only maintenance needed is the sweeping of leaves from the roof to prevent mould or moss growth.

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