VELUX Sun Tunnels

VELUX sun tunnels, also known as VELUX sun tubes, are designed to allow light into spaces where it isn’t possible to install a roof window. If you have ceiling space that’s particularly small or narrow for example and you’re unable to install a window, you can fit a sun tunnel in as they have much smaller diameter. VELUX sun tunnels come in two variations, rigid and flexible. They each have different qualities but can be purchased from us with our Lowest Price Guarantee. To ensure you achieve the best fit and can make the most out of your new VELUX light tunnel, a range of accessories, ceiling rings, diffusor panes and extending sections are available to you.

Rigid Sun Tunnels

Rigid VELUX sun tunnels give a dark room access to light by reflecting light from a 4mm toughened glass window down a rigid shaft. Rigid sun tunnels are designed for roof to ceiling distances of 0.9m to 6m where the ceiling is sitting directly below the window. In 35cm and 25cm diameter windows, the tunnels allow natural daylight to flood otherwise dark, small spaces beneath slate roofs and tiled roofs.

Flexible Sun Tunnels

For a roof to ceiling distance of 0.4m to 2m, a flexible sun tunnel is needed to negotiate the small space. With a frosted polycarbonate insulated frame to keep your building envelope secure, flexible sun tunnels are fitted with 4mm toughened glass planes with a removable sash. These types of sun tunnels, also known as sun pipes, are available in a 35cm diameter for both slate and tiled roofs.

How Much Light Will a Sun Tunnel Give Me?

To see how much light a sun tunnel or VELUX light tube will provide and to find the best match for your project, you can use the VELUX Lux Calculator. To start you input your location on their interactive map and enter a few details about your home, including the room your VELUX sun tunnel will be going in, the dimensions of the room and some other minor home details. You’ll then get a recommendation of how many lux you’ll need to light up that room, how many sun tunnels VELUX recommend and which tunnels match your requirements.

Give one of our roofing team a call on 01752 692 760 if you need assistance selecting which sun tunnel is best to let the light in.

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