Building Chemicals

Find top branded building chemicals at low prices here at Roofing Superstore. This selection of building chemicals, wood glues, waterseals and other chemicals are complemented by emergency spill kits from 20 litre general purpose break packs up to industrial 90 litre general purpose drums.

Wood Glue & Treatments

PU adhesive gel and protective wood treatments from Everbuild and Cromar are offered in a range of sizes to suit general DIY use up to contractor-level use. Choose from boxes of 12 bottles of wood glue down to just 1 bottle of 750ml of wood glue, ideal for use in small garden projects or handy to keep around for repairs. Wood treatments are available from 20 litres in a selection of colours including dark brown and light brown. Once the wood structure is finished and securely glued together, utilize the wood treatment to protect the wood and colour it.

Water seal

Exterior water seal and waterproofing building chemicals will protect buildings and structures from water ingress as the chemical actively repels water. To be applied to brick, render, stone, concrete and even pebble-dash, saturate the area to make it water-repellant with zero harm to the environment and no solvents!

Once water seal has been applied to protect from the wet, choose brick and patio cleaner to update and maintain manicured buildings and landscaped areas. Brick and patio cleaner works as a chemical to dissolve left over mortar to get the perfect finish and remove any accidental spillages. Paints, oils, algae and moss will all be targeted by this too.

Products in Building Chemicals:

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Showing 1-25 of 25