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Eurodec are the leading manufacturer behind our extensive range of choices on concrete coping stones. With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing high quality wall coping, each of these products are made from high strength concrete to ensure they’re long lasting, durable and weather-proof. Finished with a smooth texture these coping stones are guaranteed to put the perfect finish onto your walling project. If you’re unsure which products match your project then give our team a call on 01752 692 760.

Which coping stones should I use?

Coping stones, known as wall coping too, come in a range of profiles like once weathered, twice weathered and flat. All three of these walling stones options come in four colours so you can achieve a complementary or exact match to your project no matter which you choose. We’ve collated a guide for each of the type so you can see which sizes are available in which colours to make the right selection. View the once weathered concrete coping stones guide, twice weathered concrete coping stones guide, or the flat concrete coping stones guide.

Once weathered coping stones

Once weathered wall coping is manufactured to be higher on one side to encourage water run-off and protect the wall structure underneath. They do this by having drip grooves on the under side to guide water run-off away. This profile is available in 600mm and 1000mm lengths with widths in intervals ranging from 140mm to 600mm. You can also select the height difference in each edge when purchasing standard coping stones, interior returns and exterior returns.

Twice weathered coping stones

Manufactured with an apex in the middle, twice weathered concrete coping stones are also designed to maximise water run-off with drip grooves on the under side of the stone. Achieving a slightly different look to the once weathered profiles, you can purchase thicknesses of 35-50mm and 50mm-75mm in all four colours. In 600mm lengths you can select width intervals from 140mm to 585mm.

Flat coping stones

Flat coping stones feature no drip grooves or water run off provisions as they offer a totally flat finishing surface. 5 thicknesses are available for this type of coping stone in 8 lengths from 300mm – 1000mm and widths from 150mm – 530mm. Each coping stone in this attractive range from Eurodec can be upgraded to a reinforced stone for a balustrade fixing.

Coping stone colours

Each of the three types of walling stone can be purchased in four good-looking colours. Grey, slate, sandstone and brick red wall coping will all allow you to achieve an attractive finish. However we do advise that due to outdoor installation some natural weathering will occur, with the exception of grey, there may be possible variations in shade and colour in different batches as they’re manufactured from naturally quarried materials.

Across the entire Eurodec wall coping range any size can be made to order so give our helpline a call on 01752 692 760 or use our live chat in the bottom right hand corner.

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