Loft Ladders & Loft Hatches

Loft ladders and loft hatches from the likes of FAKRO, Manthorpe, Youngman and Hambleside Danelaw provide safe and affordable access to your loft space with no need to compromise on style. Each of the well-known brands offers up a variety of loft ladders, loft hatches, and combination products for you to choose from. Choose a loft ladder kit that offers a loft ladder with insulated loft hatch for ease of installation and a more thermally efficient home. 

Loft Ladders

Loft ladders from Youngman and Manthorpe can be purchased separately to loft hatches in a variety of sizes and finishes. Manufactured from aluminium for a contemporary finish or manufactured from wood for a more classic effect, you have plenty of choice on loft ladders. You’re also able to choose between how many sliding sections you want your ladder to have, dependent on the height you need. Available in 2 sliding sections, 3 sliding sections and 4 sliding sections, all of the choice from our comprehensive range allows you to customize your loft access. 

Accessories available to complement loft ladders and loft hatches include stile ends. Stile ends are a small piece of textured rubber that slot over the ends of your loft ladder to keep the ladder in place and ensure it doesn’t slide. They contribute to safety and to the aesthetics of your ladder as stile ends can be a ‘finishing touch’ to ladder legs.

Loft Hatches and Accessories

The range of loft hatches below includes several opening options, material options, and finishings so you can match your project however you need to. In instances where you’re able to reach your loft hatch you can opt for push-to-release opening. All you need to do is push up on the hatch and the catch will release. If you opt for pull-down openings you simply do the opposite and pull the catch on the loft hatch to release the door. 

For areas in your home where you’re unable to reach the loft hatch without assistance, an opening rod can help you. The rods allow you to push up or pull down your loft hatch so you can open it with minimum fuss and more safely. Other safety features available for loft hatches include fire-rated loft doors, giving you up to 1 hour of fire protection before fire is able to penetrate the door. Insulated loft hatches 

Loft Ladders with Loft Hatches

Another option for gaining safe and stylish access to your loft space is to purchase a combination product, a loft ladder and a loft hatch together. These products are designed to work together so you can be sure they’ll fit together and give you the best results. Another benefit is that they often come with some insulating properties. For example, FAKRO Komfort 3 loft ladders come with a range of hatch sizes and insulation built-in. Komfort 3 offers u-values of 1.1 W/m2K. Insulated loft hatches make the hallway beneath the loft more thermally efficient and it means that a cold draught won't come down from the loft space into the home. 

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