Nail Gun Nails & Fuel Cells

Nail guns are really useful for speeding up processes and ensuring accuracy when undertaking roofing, especially when installing shingles on your roof – they make sure the nails are driven in perfectly to ensure the underside of the nail is flush against the surface of the shingle, and can nail much faster than a manual hammer and nail. However, it’s important to make sure you have the correct nails and fuel cells for your nail gun. 

Here at Roofing Superstore we have a selection of nail gun nails for your nail gun, as well as nail gun packs that include nail guns nails and fuel cells to fit a range of nail gun brands such as Hitachi, Senco, Powers and more. 

Smooth shank roofing nails are the most popular roofing nail available, partly due to their cost. They are great for a wide range of uses, and are easy to drive in, but aren’t as strong as other more expensive nails. They are more commonly used for framing and general construction, and have enough holding power for everyday use.

Ring shank roofing nails have a larger head than standard nails, which means they are better at holding things such as shingles in place so are beneficial to use on buildings that are exposed to bad weather. They are stronger than other nails because the rings provide friction to prevent the nail from coming out over time. These are commonly used in soft wood that doesn’t split easily, as they are not as sharp as other nails.


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