Solar reflective paints are becoming more and more popular among roofers, builders and homeowners. So, what makes them so special? Well, that’s what we’re going to help you find out in our guide. Discover what benefits solar reflective paint has and why so many people are opting for this special liquid material.

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What is solar reflective paint?

Solar reflective paint is used to reflect sunlight from the roof, preventing heat from being absorbed by the typically dark roofing colours, and its use has a range of benefits. Keep reading to find out more about the specific reasons why people love solar reflective paint.

What are the benefits of solar reflective paint?

Now you know what solar reflective paint does, what can it do?

Energy saving

Firstly, applying solar reflective paint can help save energy. This is a growing concern for many people, as saving energy will not only help to minimise environmental impacts, but it will also save you money.

Solar reflective paint saves energy by reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the roof. When heat is absorbed by the roof it heats the house, which means that in warmer countries energy will be used to power air conditioning units to bring the temperature of the house down. Therefore, if less heat is absorbed by the roof, the house will not get too warm and less energy will be required to cool down the house.

Reducing roof damage

Secondly, solar reflective roof paint can help ensure your roof stays in good condition, saving you money on roof repairs. Continuous exposure to sunlight can cause alligatoring on your roof. This is when cracks and splits start appearing in the roofing material. These cracks and splits will weaken the roof and can eventually lead to leakages.

As a result, it costs time and money to repair. When using solar reflective paint, it reduces the amount of sunlight and UV light absorbed by the roof, therefore preventing roof damage.

Exposure to sunlight and UV light can also cause thermal movement. This is when roofing materials move due to changes in temperature from the absorption of sunlight. This movement can cause stresses and weaknesses in varying places across the roof, and lead to roof leakages.

When solar reflective paint is used on your home roof, the amount of sunlight absorbed will greatly reduce. This means temperatures will fluctuate less. As a result, there will be less thermal expansion. So your roof will not develop further weaknesses if you apply solar reflective paint.

We have a range of aluminium reflective paints from brands such as Cromar and Bond It, which are designed specifically to reduce heat absorption on metal roofs, particularly those where bitumen, steel or iron surfaces are exposed. We also have some high-performance reflective paint by Cromar which is particularly for use on bituminous roofs.

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