OSB Board/Sterling Board

OSB Board, also known as sterling boards, are large boards of strong wood used in many different applications. The two types of OSB sheets available from us are strong, waterproof and versatile construction materials that can be used in DIY or trade projects.

What is OSB board?

OSB board and OSB sheet is an alternative to plywood that can be used in many different applications. Manufactured by compressing layered strips of wood in wax and resin, OSB boards are strong and inexpensive, making them a versatile construction material.  Engineered by Sterling OSB to exact specifications, OSB boards are created without knots or voids for maximum structural integrity.

What is OSB2 used for?

OSB2 is for use in structural applications that will be used in dry conditions. If you’re unsure if your OSB boards, or sterling boards, will remain in dry conditions, we advise selecting OSB3 just to be safe. Made in the UK, OSB2 boards are great value for money given their uses in DIY projects, garden sheds, interior decoration and lots more. 

What is OSB3 board used for?

OSB3 boards can be used in structural applications that will be left in or come into contact with humid conditions. BBA approved, this type of OSB board comes in a tongue and groove profile to create a strong, durable platform that will support heavy loads.  OSB3 is also available in a square edged profile. Both the square edged and tongue and groove OSB3 boards can be used for timber frame houses, flooring, caravans, agricultural buildings, wall sheathing and more.

Is OSB stronger than plywood?

OSB/Sterling board is indeed stronger than plywood thanks to the many smaller strands of wood that combine to provide structural strength. Panels of OSB board can be sanded, painted and glued as well as sawn, drilled and nailed. You can drive a nail through OSB board up to 8mm from the edge without worrying about splitting or compromising strength. 

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