Loft Boards & Chipboard Panels

Loft boards are essential for a durable and reliable floor that will leave you satisfied that the floor is structurally sound. Loft boards and loft panels are a great basis for a loft conversion, whether it’ll be inhabited and used a bedroom for example, or whether it’ll be uninhabited and used for storage. By installing a simple, inexpensive loft board floor, you no longer need to worry about stepping on battens or falling through the ceiling of the room below just to reach your stored items!

With Roofing Superstore you can keep your project on budget, or even come in under budget, as we offer a selection of low-cost loft floor boards alongside more heavy duty options and moisture resistant loft boards. It’s recommended for pitched roofs that you go for moisture resistant loft boards as standard just as a precaution. There's no need to worry about our cheapest loft board as it's still high quality, sustainble and reliable.

Tongue and groove loft boards are the easiest to install as they lock together without need for fixing. It’s a very fast way to get a floor down quickly without compromising on structural integrity! Tongue and groove board is easy to take up too, so if you choose to add more insulation beneath it between the battens then this won’t be a messy job. Insulate before you lay the loft board for an easy energy efficiency boost in the property.

Some loft boards are designed for structural use whereas some are designed as a lightweight product for use where the floor won’t be trafficked that often. Make sure you double-check your chosen loft board to ensure it’s suitable for structural or construction use. You can call us on 01752 692 760 to double check details like this.

Structural plywood isn’t tongue and groove in its design but it’s a good product for use as loft board as it can be installed on floors, walls and roofs. If you’re lining an entire loft for a loft conversion with chipboard loft panels, for example, structural plywood will let you complete the job in one go with one product. Plus from Roofing Superstore plywood is sustainably sourced!

Call our knowledgeable team on 01752 692 760 for anything you need regarding loft board, installation and any additional fixings.

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