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Plywood is an essential product in construction as it's used in roofing projects and insulation projects. It's a fundamental product which often underpins the structure of a roof or a stud wall, for example, so it's important to get right. Choosing between structural plywood and general purpose plywood depends on your project. 

Structural plywood vs general purpose plywood

There are two types of plywood used in roofing construction – structural and general plywood. Structural plywood has proof of strength performance provided by the supplier, and indicates it has passed the building regulations to be used for structural use in a building. General plywood does not have this proof of strength performance so should not be used for structural applications. Shuttering plywood is another type of plywood but it generally isn’t used in roofing. Instead it is used to hold concrete whilst it sets.

Generally, plywood comes in 4 by 8 foot sheets, and in a variety of grades. Each side is rated A to D, with A being of the highest quality and with no imperfections or knots, which can potentially lead to weaknesses in the sheet, and D grade is generally unsanded plywood that can have defects and knot holes of up to 2.5 inches. A grade plywood is the most costly, but can be combined with D grade plywood if the side graded D is on the underside. CDX is the most common form of plywood, with a C grade side and D grade side, and the X stands for the glue that bonds the sheets together. Although not made of the highest quality sheets, it is often considered the strongest due to the glue used to seal it together.

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