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Master Flash pipe flashings from Aztec International present a solution to waterproofing pipe fixings regardless of the complex roof structure or pipe location. Masterflash pipe flashings are designed with flexibility in mind, made from silicone with an aluminium flange, and can withstand temperatures of above 250 degrees Celsius, and are also UV resistant.

Here at Roofing Superstore we are proud to offer a range of Aztec pipe flashings.

Master Flash standard

Master Flash standard pipe flashings are made of EPDM material combined with silicone, and are easily installed in around 5 minutes. They have a soft aluminium base which means that it will confirm to most roof profiles easily, and the sleeve is flexible to allow for pipe movement during thermal expansion and contraction.

Master Flash Solar

Master Flash solar pipe flashings are specifically designed to be used around the pipes of solar heated water. They come with a pre-cut hole to allow for minimal installation processes, and can be used on pitched roofs of up to 60 degrees without any issues. You can also purchase a multi port fitting for solar pipe flashings, which can accommodate a number of pipes and cabling connected to solar heating pipes.

Master Flash residential

Master Flash residential pipe flashings are designed for simple application on residential roofs. It has a built in 20 degree pitch which helps it to adapt to a variety of roof pitches, and it has a pull tab design which ensures a circular hole is created and there is no need for razor knives.

Master Flash universal retrofit

Master Flash universal retrofit pipe flashings have been created to allow you to install weatherproof and completely sealed fittings around pre-existing pipes that you cannot fit by sliding over the top of the pipe. Simple to fit, it is a one piece construction with a smooth cut to remove the need to use razor blades, and a flexible base to fit on most roofs regardless of material and pipe location.

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