Aztec Master Flash Standard Pipe Flashing

Here at Roofing Superstore we have a number of Aztec Master Flash products to choose from. Aztec International have a reputation for high quality, reliability and innovation, and specialise in roof pipe flashings.

The Master Flash range from Aztec consists of roof flashings to be fitted around pipes that penetrate the roof, creating a watertight and weatherproof seal where the pipe connects to the roof. 

What is Master Flash pipe flashing made from?

Each Master Flash product is manufactured from EPDM or silicone. EPDM is an incredibly durable and flexible rubber product that is used in a wide range of building applications, and silicone is chosen when the pipes are dealing with temperatures of over 250 degrees. The cone is attached to an aluminium base, which can be shaped easily to fit a range of roof profiles. At the bottom of the aluminium base is a ribbed base, which helps to improve the watertight characteristics when sealant is applied.

What types of Master Flash standard pipe flashing are there?

Choose from Master Flash pipe flashings with a square base or round base, depending on your preference. When on site, the pipe flashing can be easily customised, coping with a number of different pipe diameters – if opting for a closed top, the EPDM cone can be cut to size to fit the relevant pipe or vent. 

 Alternatively, if you’re looking to retro fit a pipe with a Master Flash pipe flashing, Aztec also offer a Universal Retrofit product – this has a slit in the side to fit around the pipe easily. 

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