VELUX Conservation Rooflights

When dealing with older buildings, you need products which blend effortlessly with their surroundings. VELUX conservation roof lights give you the opportunity to install VELUX roof lights that do not stand out, perfect for older buildings, listed buildings and conservation projects. The VELUX conservation roof windows are recessed, meaning they sit within the roofline, ensuring that they do not protrude from the roof and create more of a streamlined finish on the roof. 

Roofing Superstore is proud to bring you a range of criteria-compliant VELUX conservation roof windows which combine the traditional window style with modern convenience. There are a range of different VELUX conservation roof windows available, for example you can choose between top hung conservation windows or centre pivot conservation windows, depending on the opening style you'd prefer.

Additionally, different VELUX conservation windows fit with different roofing materials. If you have a slate roof, choose the recessed slate conservation windows, or if you're working with plain tiles, use the recessed plain tile roof windows. Alternatively, if your tile profile is recessed and tiles are up to 90mm thick, use these recessed tile conservation windows, or if the roof is made up of roofing materials that are up to 120mm in profile use these conservation roof windows.

If you aren’t sure which VELUX conservation rooflights are right for your project, give our customer service team a call on 01752 692760 and they’ll gladly talk you through it.

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