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Roof shingles give you the ability to dictate how you want your finished roof to look. The aesthetics, colours and textures of each type of roofing shingle that we stock here has been carefully chosen so you can find the perfect fit for your project. With an assortment of top brands, including IKO Armourglass and Coroshingle, our range of low-priced shingles can be found manufactured from bitumen, cedar, and even steel.

What are roof shingles used for?

Roof shingles can be used on a building types such as sheds, summerhouses, farm buildings and more. For the roof shingles to be suitable for application, there are key factors to consider. The first is roof pitch. The pitch of the roof must be 15 degrees or more to ensure rain water runs off. This will help prevent the water getting under the roof shingle strip. There are some roof shingles that are specifically designed for higher pitch roofs, such as Cedar, Armourshield and Metrotile, which can be used on pitches up to 90°.

When installing roof shingles using nails, it is important that the building has a wooden boarded roof. You will need to ensure that it will be strong enough to hold the weight of the shingles.

Felt roof shingles

Fixed to a wooden surface, felt shingles make an attractive option for timber-frame buildings not only for the roof but as vertical cladding too. Felt roof shingles are perfect for garden buildings including sheds and outhouses as an inexpensive roofing option. These types of shingles are long lasting, weather proof and come in a variety of styles from a more traditional finish to a modern look. Available in many colours, another benefit of roofing shingles are that some brands are self-adhesive, lending themselves to easy installation. Katepal for example offer a 3-tab SBS bitumen self-adhesive roof shingle, making DIY projects even easier. Felt roof shingles are extremely low maintenance and can be installed easily for both professionals and DIY customers. For that perfect finish we supply hexagonal butt and square butt felt shingles, as well as classic half round felt shingles.

Cedar shingles

Cedar shingles, also known as shed roof shingles, have the handy advantage of being applicable to slightly lower than usual pitches, meaning they're ideal for re-reroofing a shed roof. If you’re looking for an authentic wood finish between 14° and 90° then cedar shingles are the perfect choice. John Brash, Cembrit and Tapco Slate make up our attractive range of cedar wood shingles. Choose between Western Red shingles, Eastern White shingles or the ever-popular Tapco Shakes to complete your garden project in style. Cedar shingles are often what people mean when they say 'shed roof shingles' as this type is the most popular, thanks to their traditional and somewhat rustic appearance.

Steel shingles

Another popular type of roof shingle that’s suitable for use on a wide range of outbuildings and garden projects include steel shingles. Available from well-known brand Metrotile, they’re available in 5 colours with a hidden fixing system, designed to prevent nail corrosion. These shingles are compatible with any roof from a 15° to 90° pitch, giving a fantastic and eye-catching finish.

Advantages of using roof shingles

Roof shingles are a cost-effective choice of roofing material as they generally cover a greater surface area than other options such as slate tiles. Another factor that makes roof shingles so economical is that their life expectancy is much longer than standard roofing felt, for example Metrotile comes with a 40 year weatherproof guarantee, and Cembrit with a 25 year product guarantee.

With such a wide variety of colours, patterns and styles, there is a roof shingle available for every project. Popular styles include Square Butt, Hexagonal Butt and Classic Half Round. There are also roof shingles to suit a specific look: Cedar shingles give an authentic wood finish in either Western Red (Western red – red label and blue label cedar shingles available), Eastern White or (for a synthetic wood-finish look) Tapco shakes. Metrotile steel shingles contribute to an eye-catching finish with a choice of 5 colours available.

Easy to fit and install, roof shingles are a great choice for both DIY and professionals. Without the need to paint or clean them, there is little to no maintenance required. You can stop moss growing on them for their entire lifespan with this simple trick when installing.

If you are unsure which roof shingle is compatible with your project, or would like any advice or recommendations, please contact our helpline on 01752 692 760 to speak to one of our roofing experts, or alternatively use our live chat in the bottom right hand corner.

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