Metal roofing sheets are durable and well-insulating construction materials that find a home on top of so many structures. Outbuildings like garden studios, workspaces, barns and garages are all commonly topped with metal roofing sheets as they are low in price and high on return. They’re cheaper to cover an entire roof in, especially in regards to labour costs and other required materials, and since they last for a long time without any maintenance required they often come to pay for themselves on longevity.

Metal roofing sheets price mostly depends on the manufacturer and the profile. Smooth finish sheets do tend to be less expensive across the board, but homeowners and tradespeople do like the authentic look a textured roof sheet gives, especially if there’s a tile pattern. The dynamic price tables below update overnight so you can be sure you’re looking at the most up to date metal roofing sheets price.

Cladco metal roof sheets prices

Cladco metal roof sheets are manufactured in 0.7mm thick sheets and 0.5mm thick sheets in stainless steel. The steel is coated in either PVC plastisol or polyester paint finish for versatility across the range and for a choice of finishes. The prices are in the table below for convenient reference.

Cladco metal roof sheets Ex. VAT price from
PVC Plastisol Coated Roof Sheets £21.00
Polyester Paint Coated Roof Sheets £17.00


Britmet metal roof sheets prices

Britmet Ecopan, Ecopan Plus, and Pantile 2000 are metal tile effect sheets that are designed with style in mind. Their metal makeup gives them durability and substance whilst adding to the textured, realistic tiled finish. Britmet Pantile 2000 is a lightweight roof sheet too so it’s perfect for outbuildings that contribute to the overall aesthetic. Britmet metal roof sheet prices all vary depending on their final style and their thickness too. Their prices are below.

Britmet metal roof sheets Ex. VAT price from
Ecopan Metal Roof Sheets £20.45
Ecopan Plus Metal Roof Sheets £30.20
Pantile 2000 Metal Roof Sheets POA


Corotile metal roof sheets prices

From the manufacturers of Ariel Plastics comes Corotile. Manufactured from high-grade steel with Aluzinc® coating and offering incredible strength, it makes it ideal for improving the quality of weather protection. These metal roof sheets are designed to give the finish of a textured tile roof, manufactured from steel encased in acrylic and stone chippings.

Corotile metal roof sheets Ex. VAT price from
Corotile Metal Roof Sheets £15.39

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