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Here you’ll find several additional FAKRO roof window ranges, each with their own unique features for the specific type of project you are working on. 

FAKRO Roof Access Windows

Intended specifically for uninhabited loft spaces, access roof windows are so named for primarily providing safe access from the attic to the roof. Also known generally as ‘escape roof windows’, additional benefits are that they provide optimum ventilation and light, as well as being thermally insulated.

FAKRO High Pivot Roof Windows

For roofs with a pitch between 20-65°, the FAKRO high pivot range functions the same as the centre pivot, except the axis of rotation sits higher up. The lower part of the sash serves as the top hung range does, and provides an extra source of daylight. These windows are ideal for taller people, allowing them to stand comfortably at the window’s edge. They are made from high-quality layers of pine, double-coated with acrylic lacquer in a natural, rustic colour, making them built to last.

FAKRO L-Shaped Combination Roof Windows

FAKRO L-shaped combination roof windows are engineered to be installed where the roof meets a vertical wall, extending the roof window into the wall. Increasing natural daylight, they can be combined with any design of roof window. These are also made from high-quality pine wood and are double-coated with an acrylic lacquer.

FAKRO Smoke Ventilation Roof Windows

Primarily used in public buildings, specifically in blocks of flats and hotels, these smoke ventilation systems allow for smoke and heat escape in the event of a fire. The motor, smoke sensor, and alarm work in unison so that the windows open automatically, and smoke and heat can be carried away from the building. In order for them to operate, it is essential to connect them to a 230V power supply. These roof windows can also be opened manually, if the fire or smoke is noticed prior to the alarms signalling. Smoke relief and evacuation becomes easier all round with the FAKRO smoke ventilation range.

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