Sand Bags & Flood Protection

Whether you're working in an area where temporary flooding may occur, or living in an area such as a flood plain where flooding is an almost annual occurance, sand bags are a temporary yet incredibly effective way of creating a barrier and preventing flood water from passing through and into buildings and areas you're working on.

There are a range of different sand bags and flood barriers available here for you to choose from.

Quick Dams, also known as sandless sand bags, create an effective, easy to use flood control barrier. As water comes into contact with the specially formulated inner powder, it turns into a gel causing the bag to swell.

Hydrosack sand bags are a more modern alternative to traditional sand bags. Simply soak the hydrosack before use, and it will absorb up to 20 litres of water - it can absorb water but will not let it out. Hydrosacks create a fast and effective barrier to flood water - they take only a few minutes to inflate, and then will easily and snugly fit to different shapes for example in doorways and other openings, preventing water from passing through. Each Hydrosack has a 3 section structure which prevents the water from moving from side to side and adds more structural stability.

Manthorpe Airbrick Flood Defence products are designed to be clipped over vents in the event of a flood to prevent floodwater from entering the building through plastic, concrete and clay airbricks. As airbricks are often the first point of flooding, by installing the permanent frame around the airbrick, the cover can quickly be clipped into place as soon as there is threat of a flood.

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