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In 1960, Klober was founded and since then has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of roof ventilation products in Europe. They have a wide range of roofing products available and continuously look for new ways to expand their products in the market.

Klober’s goal is to ensure that their products can be as universal as possible, long-lasting and continue to bring something new to the industry. With this comes a 10-year guarantee against manufacturing defect and high-quality performance.

Klober offer many different products and continue to push for the best possible quality. Their products range from dry verge to tile vent and much more. It’s simply a matter of knowing what you need.

Klober Dry Verge

Klober dry verge is available in many types, including Uni-Click® and Uni-Line® Continuous. Each come with different, but equally brilliant qualities Here is some quick information regarding each product:

  • Uni-Click® is a mortar-free, all weather fixing solution with secure mechanical fixings which helps avoid wind uplift issues. It can also be swiftly installed with no special tools, making it a perfect solution for those who desire a long-term solution with no maintenance needed.
  • Uni-Line® Continuous is also mortar-free and offers a watertight, secure verge system. This particular type also has similar qualities to Uni-Click® and Contract, but also comes with ‘strips’ that add a different quality to the dry verge product.

One key aspect of Klober dry verge is that the Uni-Click® is manufactured with polypropylene rather than PVC. Not only does this make the product more manageable, but also easier to recycle.

Klober Permo Air

To reduce the build-up of condensation in the roofspace, it is important you install an underlay. The Permo® air is a low resistance, air-open type of underlay that helps control the amount of condensation that can form. This can be particularly useful if the building is in a drying out phase in areas more commonly affected.

Like Klober dry verge, Klober Permo air is also recyclable. It is also hydrophobically treated to ensure it is suitable for use.

Klober Tile Vent

There are many variations when it comes to a Klober tile vent. Despite design most, if not all, available tile vents come with high, low and soil ventilation. You can also choose to have tile vents with preventable technology that can stop birds and large insects from entering the system. The different types are also manufactured with specific materials to help you find the right one for the property. Should you require UPVC or PVCu, it will depend on what weight, style and size you need.

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