VELUX Triple Glazed Electric Windows

Electric VELUX windows are designed to make your life easier and to maximise how effectively your VELUX windows work for you. Controlling your electric VELUX windows with one or more remote control pads means you’re able to open and close your windows from anywhere in your home and be confident that your command was actioned. Plus electric VELUX windows come in the ever-popular white-painted frame finish so you can retain your interior style.

Triple glazed electric VELUX windows

Triple glazing on electric VELUX windows contributes to great energy performance and a tougher window that’s protected from both the inside and outside. VELUX triple glazed windows consist of a toughened outer pane that sits in front of 3 layered glazing for extra heat insulation, whilst a laminated inner pane offers sound insulation foils. Sound insulation and rain noise reduction are offered alongside a 50% solar heat gain with an anti-dew and easy-to-clean coating meaning you can enjoy more of your view and let in more daylight.

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