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If you’re looking for a specialist roof paint, browse our entire range here, from high quality brands including FLAG Paints and Kovertek. The range of specialist paints includes waterproofing roof repair, acrylic roof repair, anti-slip floor paint, anti-climb paint and more.

Roof repair paints

Roof repair paints have been manufactured to provide a solution to damaged roofs. Roof repair coatings typically provide flexibility and durability, to allow for thermal movement. Roof repair paint is simply painted onto the roof surface, whether it is a pitched roof, flat roof, bitumen roof, fibreglass roof or even guttering, and it will fill the damaged roof section quickly. There are also a number of waterproofing roof repair paints available, which provide instant waterproofing for leaking roofs, but can also be used as extra protection on roofs that do not have a leak. 

Ant-climb paint

What is anti-climb paint? Anti-climb paint is paint that can be used on brick, cement, wood, metal, roof tiles and much more. Anti-climb paint is typically a thick, glutinous coating that looks like gloss paint, but is much more slippery. The anti-climb paint prevents intruders from climbing the surface by preventing them from gaining a foothold, and also staining their clothing and hands, deterring them from continuing. 

Anti-slip paint

Anti-slip paints are typically heavy duty coatings that add extra protection to areas that experience high traffic, such as car parks, walkways, stairs, and public areas. The anti-slip paints are often elastomeric, allowing for flexibility and increased durability, and tend to include stones to provide a fine textured anti-slip surface.

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Showing 1-36 of 41