Waterproof Self Adhesive Flashing Tape

Waterproof self-adhesive flashing tapes are used to form a strong waterproof seal without requiring any equipment or machinery and can be used for general repairs or as roofing tape for sealing around features such as flues, rooflights and guttering.

Waterproof self-adhesive flashing tape generally consists of aluminium foil that is reinforced with polyester film, with high-grade bitumen backing. This results in a product that has a high tear and puncture resistance and is UV resistant as well as weather and waterproof. Additionally, another major benefit of this roof flashing tape is its ease of application – just measure the length required, peel back the release paper and apply to the gap or crack.

Choose from Everbuild’s Black Jack flashing tape, Sika’s Multiseal tape or stretchable tape from Klober.

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