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Whether you're building from scratch or refurbishing your existing property, install a high-quality pitched roof window which is tailored exactly how you need it. Choose between the most trusted and well-known brands in the window industry as well as shapes, sizes, window openings, glazing and colour. Opt for quad-glazed PassivHaus approved pitched roof windows, white-painted centre pivot electric windows or even a balcony window to give your project an attractive twist. 

Types of Roof Windows

There are three main types of roof windows: electric, manual and solar. Each of these has their very own applications, or areas of installation, that they may be more beneficial for. Electric roof windows for example are perfect for installation in higher ceilings or hard to reach areas. If opening a window for you typically involves climbing over furniture, a kitchen side, or using an opening pole, electric windows are for you. Electric roof windows are opened with a remote control from anywhere in your home, and they automatically close if they detect rain. They also come with a whole host of other features including the fact that they’re programmable to open and close at certain times of the day, and they can be paired with smart devices to open or close if, for example, the temperature hits a certain figure.

Manual windows are what everyone commonly thinks of when we say roof window. It’s a window that is opened manually from inside the home and then closed manually too. These are ideal for easy to reach locations that mean that opening and closing the window isn’t particularly strenuous. They can be perfect for budget-builds and low-cost constructions!

Solar windows are like electric windows in that they can be programmed, they close automatically on detection of rain, and they can be opened or closed remotely from anywhere in the house. The only difference is that, as the name suggests, these are powered from the sun and don’t need to be plugged into a mains supply. Solar roof windows are perfect for the eco-conscious home owner who wants the benefits of an electric roof window without paying for the electricity!

Benefits of Roof Windows

Roof windows are so beneficial to the homeowner or tenant as they let in natural light which is very important for human, and animal, health. By installing a roof window, you can let in light in places you might not have thought possible, and you can improve your home with an extension in the loft or kitchen without losing natural light in the existing room. If for example you have a side extension coming out from your kitchen, the addition of a roof window will increase natural daylight and add a gorgeous talking point too. Not only are roof windows beneficial for light but they’re beneficial for ventilation too. There’s nothing like some fresh air to bring the outdoors in and to get rid of any cooking smells.

Roof Window Features

Several features are available to those who are opting to purchase a roof window. Whether you’re opting for electric, manual or solar you can also upgrade for even more features. Specialist glazing such as acoustic glazing, triple glazing or even opaque glazing for privacy in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Other features include smoke ventilation windows which comply to building regulations regarding fire safety in loft conversions, and conservation windows. Conservation windows are designed to effortlessly blend in to the roofscape and their surroundings to appease listed building officers and heritage institutions.

VELUX Windows

VELUX windows are famous for their style, finishes and variety of sizes and glazing so you’re able to find the right window for your project. When you install VELUX roof windows you know you’re getting quality and a respected brand name with over 90 years of experience manufacturing windows. VELUX understand that your project is unique so there are many options to choose from when choosing the right roof window for your build. However should you be unsure if exactly which window is right for you, try our custom-built VELUX Window Selector.

VELUX Centre Pivot windows swing open from the middle of the window for ease of use in low-ceiling rooms or low-down window openings whereas VELUX Top Hung windows open from the bottom outwards so they’re easy to reach in standard height and higher-than-usual installations. Opt for a traditional pine finish, the new white-painted finish or a white PU coated finish and pick between a host of glazing types including extra low energy, noise reduction or opaque. There’s also the option to choose a VELUX window designed for unobtrusive aesthetics in conversation areas or electric VELUX windows to make opening and closing your windows even easier.

VELUX Cabrio

VELUX Cabrio balcony windows can add not only an attractive design feature to your space but also, more space. Perfect for loft conversions for example the windows can be installed to give more usuable floor space thanks to their increased head-height once opened. The top hung upper section of the balcony opens outwards to give head-height whilst the bottom section creates the balcony with safety side railings. Available triple glazed and with toughened outer panes for increased safety, VELUX Cabrio adds value, daylight and a talking point to your property, as well as ventilation when the window is both open and closed.

Solar Collectors

Solar collectors, also known as solar panels, are installed onto pitched roofs between 12.5° and 65° harvest solar energy from the sun for use in residential, commercial or even industrial applications. The photovoltaic panels offer the same protective functions as traditional roof tiles whilst sitting over the top of existing roof tiles. With resistance to wind uplift and a relatively high load bearing capacity, these weathertight solar collectors generate electricity whilst you have peace of mind that your roof is safe.

Fakro Roof Windows

FAKRO roof windows come in many shapes and sizes so you can pick whichever is most suitable for your project. Including centre pivot windows, top hung windows, conservation windows and balcony windows, the FAKRO roof window range brings high pivot windows to Roofing Superstore which gives you even more choice on roof windows.

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Showing 1-24 of 6898 products