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Roof insulation

An important contribution to any household's efforts to reduce their energy consumption, both for the benefit of the environment and to save money on utility bills, involves insulating the roof of their property. After having been in the business for a quarter of a century we decided to offer a complete range of products for purchase over the internet so that people could take advantage of the lower prices that this business model offers. read more
Furthermore, by arranging for many items to be despatched direct from the manufacturer's premises rather than coming via our warehouse, we are able to sell numerous roofing insulation products suitable for home attic installation at prices that are significantly lower than those of our competitors. People concerned with mankind's effect on the environment will be pleased to learn that our transport policy includes the aim of reducing our firm's carbon footprint by ensuring that any items we despatch are sent by the shortest route possible and by utilising couriers that take steps themselves to minimise their impact on the natural world. We believe that our unique approach to the supply of boards with foil facings and other items makes us the best place to buy insulation.

Moving with the times

As new products are continuously being developed, we feel that it is our duty to evaluate these and include any that meet our high standards in the range that we offer to our customers. With the pace that modern technology moves at, there is no room for companies that stand still and we are committed to bringing our clients the very best that the industry has to offer. Our list of satisfied customers includes DIY enthusiasts, small construction firms and independent building merchants. Whenever we come across interesting new products, our evaluation process places great emphasis on ensuring that our loft insulation prices stay competitive and offer the very best value for money to our customers.

We wish to make our site a one-stop shop for all your roofing needs so if there is anything that you need that cannot be found on our website then please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to find a reliable source and include it in our range in the future. Quality is always very important where your property is involved and all our products come from reputable manufacturers such as Rockwool and Kingspan who provide extremely high quality cheap insulation.

Help and advice

Our website has been designed to make it as simple as possible to find the products that you need for your roofing projects and we have even included some checklists that can be used to ensure you have not forgotten anything when planning a new job. We are also happy to advise anyone who is not completely sure what materials will be best for their needs and can be contacted by telephone during ordinary business hours. We deal with any email enquires promptly and attend to regular letters we receive by post as soon as we can. Rigid boards for flat roof insulation projects and other applications are one of our most popular products and can be utilised in many different areas.

As it is easy to cut, it is suitable for home improvement enthusiasts as well as experienced contractors. Whatever your particular requirements we feel sure that there will be a number of suitable items on our site and if there is anything that you feel is missing then we will do our best to rectify the situation by locating the particular product that is required. We have helped thousands of clients with their home attic roofing insulation needs.

Roof & Loft Insulation