Thermafleece Insulation

Thermafleece have been manufacturing some of the most popular recycled and natural insulation products for over 15 years, applying their own findings from research and development to produce wool, hemp, and recycled insulation products to an extremely high standard.

Roofing Superstore is proud to supply a range of Thermafleece insulation for you to choose from, from CosyWool and Supaloft to UltraWool and Natrahemp.

CosyWool insulation roll

Thermafleece CosyWool roll is insulation manufactured from natural sheeps wool, and is a great choice when looking for insulation that is not only effective but is also budget friendly. Thermafleece CosyWool roll is compressed for transportation purposes, reducing the impacts of transportation by over 50%, when compared with other natural fibre insulation, but once opened it regains its original thickness. Thermafleece CosyWool roll is easy to install over or between joists, making them perfect for underfloor insulation and loft insulation.

CosyWool insulation slabs

CosyWool flexible slabs are more dense than CosyWool rolls, and have been designed for use within walls and roofs. Manufactured from around 75% British sheeps wool, CosyWool insulation slabs also consist of recycled fibres, as they improve the performance, breathability, sustainability and durability.

Supasoft loft insulation

SupaSoft insulation has been manufactured from recycled plastic, as a safe, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to more traditional loft insulation for your property. Working with Eden Renewable Innovations, Thermafleece are using recycled polyester fibres from recycled plastic bottles to create insulation that not only insulates the home, but also prevents tonnes of plastic waste from going to landfill or being incinerated. Supaloft can be laid on existing insulation to improve the insulating capacity, or added in between or over joists. 

Ultrawool insulation

Ultrawool is a high density form of insulation slabs, using British sheeps wool and recycled fibres to create an insulation product that is highly insulating, breathable, durable and sustainable. Thermafleece Ultrawool is the perfect choice when looking for an insulation product that provides maximum thermal performance without being ultra thick. As well as providing good thermal insulation, the density of Thermafleece Ultrawool also provides good acoustic insulation.

Natrahemp insulation

Natrahemp insulation from Thermafleece has been manufactured from hemp, a fast growing and low impact plant that produces fine fibres, perfect for insulation. The hemp is grown in the UK, which helps to keep the environmental impact low, and is a safe, durable and highly insulating alternative to more traditional insulation products. Thermafleece Natrahemp can be used between rafters, joists and studs, and provides good acoustic insulation as well as thermal insulation.

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