Spicer Tiles

Spicer Tiles, formerly Kent Clay Tiles, have been manufacturing handmade clay tiles and fittings for over 50 years, applying years of experience to ensure that any clay tiles you purchase are high quality, traditional and good-looking. Using traditional methods to craft tiles from UK-sourced top quality clay, Spicer Tiles makes around 375,000 tiles a month so each batch produced will produce a unique and authentic look on your roof. Spicer Tiles offer two distinct types of tile, each with a stunning array of colours. Choose between the Hanbury range or the Spicer range.

Hanbury handmade clay roof tiles

Allowing you to recreate a traditional, heritage roof on any building to achieve a classic appearance, Hanbury handmade clay roof tiles are a favourite from Spicer Tiles. Ideal for restoration projects and renovations of older buildings, you can pick between four shades and blends of colour to match your building and complement your roof line. Appledore Blend is a rich red tile that can be interspersed with the darker Honeywell, Burmarsh or Churchland tones for a deep, classic roof colour. Churchland offers a deep dark brown tone that’s perfect for renovation and restoration just like Burmarsh, a clay tile with an already-weathered look. The final colour in the Hanbury range is Honeywell, a mellow brown tile that’s equally at home on new builds and restoration projects, using its subtle tone to blend with surroundings.

Spicer handmade clay peg tiles

Spicer Tiles have over 25 years of experience manufacturing peg tiles so you can rest assured that when purchasing Spicer handmade clay tiles you’ll be receiving the highest quality peg tiles around. With slight variations in size, colour and texture to give a more authentic roof finish, Spicer tiles are most commonly used for new build properties and to repair roofs with original peg tiles. Peg tiles have been used in South East England since the Middle Ages so sourcing peg tiles can be hard when the match needs to be exact and the quality high.

The two colours available in the Spicer handmade clay peg tiles range are Dark Antique, a dark brown autumnal tone with a pitted surface for faster initial weathering, and Medium Antique, a pitted surface lighter orange and brown tone with a slight aged look.

Why should I choose authentic handmade clay tiles?

Handmade clay tiles are packed full of character and individuality so every roof installation is a unique and traditional one. These tiles are some of the last clay roof tiles that are handmade in the UK, utilizing a British clay that offers the warm tones threaded through the Hanbury range. Modern kiln technology works alongside traditional crafting methods to ensure all tiles meet the British standard requirements.

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