Circular Roof Domes

Circular roof domes from Whitesales' well-known Em Dome range are available in a selection of glazing tints, diameters and operation styles.

Which flat roof dome operation type suits me? 

Fixed circular roof domes let light into the space below without offering any ventilation thanks to a securely fixed dome. The roof dome cannot be opened to allow air in so it's a good option for low-level flat roofs where security could be a concern if this window is accidentally left opened. It's also a good idea to let light in to small spaces like hallways or storage cupboards where ventilation isn't a concern. 

Manual opening circular roof domes can be opened to let in air and light. This is a good option for spaces that want fresh air and ventilation of spaces! Since these roof domes are opened manually then it's recommended that these flat roof domes are only installed in areas where they are easy to reach. If the roof dome is out of reach or it would be awkward to open and close this manually yourself, it's suggested that you opt for an electric roof dome. 

Electric roof domes are opened and closed using a wall-mounted open and close switch. This allows the roof dome to be controlled from wherever is comfortable for you by just flicking a switch. Automatic sensors detect rain and close the dome. 

Should I choose tinted glazing? 

Tints for glazing of flat roof circular domes include solar tint, bronze tint, clear tint and privacy tint. 

Clear tint glazing does what it says on the tin - it's clear! This glazing allows you to see in and out of the flat roof dome with no obstruction and no compromise. Daylight can stream in through this type of clear glazing with no diffusion or reduction. 

Privacy tint allows light to flow in through this roof dome but you can't see clearly in or out. Light flows in but the view is obstructued to provide privacy. Whilst this is perfect for bathrooms, naturally, this can also be a good idea for ground floor bedrooms or living spaces that are overlooked by close-by neighbours or by other areas of your property. 

Bronze tint and solar tint reduce the amount of solar glare and solar gain by diffusing the light more gently. Instead of a beam of light, the daylight is diffused for softer light and to reduce the amount of heat build up in the space. 

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