Youngman Telescopic loft ladders are the perfect solution when you’re looking to install something that will provide you with easy access to your loft or attic without compromising on space. Here at Roofing Superstore, we have a number of Youngman telescopic loft ladders to choose from, but how do you install them? We’ve created a quick guide to help make the installation process easier for you, but we’d always recommend following the manufacturer’s installation instructions too.

2Mounting brackets (x2)
3Swivel arms (x2)
4Hinge swivel pins (x2)
5Ladder sub-frame carrier bar (x1)
6Ladder sub-frame carrier tubes (x2)
7Springs (x2)
8Telescopic pole with hook (x1)
9Bracket fixing screws (x8)

Installing your loft ladder

  1. Firstly, take the floor to ceiling measurements – this will help determine the required ladder adjustment when fitting the ladder.
  2. Mark a vertical centre line on the ceiling joist. Make sure you mark this on the side of the loft hatch where the loft hatch hinges are attached. From this centre line, mark 188mm each side, creating vertical lines of 90mm or longer along each mark. These lines are the mounting brackets centre lines, where the mounting brackets will be fixed.
  3. Take a mounting bracket and place it over the corresponding bracket centre line, ensuring the low screw hole is covering the line. Mark this hole, and the two top screw holes. Repeat this for the second mounting bracket.
  4. Drill 4mm diameter holes at each mark, then screw the mounting brackets into place.
  5. Place one swivel arm within the mounting bracket, and ensuring the holes are aligned, push the swivel pin through the arm and bracket holes. Then repeat with the other mounting bracket and swivel arm – please note that there is a specific left and right swivel arm so it is important to pair the correct components.
  6. Next, take the sub-frame carrier bar, springs and the sub-frame carrier tubes. Slide the carrier bar into the hole of one of the carrier tubes, and slide the two springs onto the bar. Then slide the other end of the carrier bar into the other sub-carrier tube hole.
  7. Find the grooves near each end of the bar, and rest each spring in a groove. Then move the hinged swivel pins so that they are laid back vertically, and pull the free end of each spring towards the anchor point in the pins – they should simply click in.
  8. Next, pull the sub-frame carrier bar down until it touches its stop – this will be held in this position by the tensioned springs you have fitted.
  9. The ladder can be extended 15 or 30cm longer than its regular length, depending on your floor to ceiling height. If needed, extend the ladder now.
  10. Remove the bolts from the endcaps on the end of the ladder. Move the ladder up to the top of the swivel arms, and align the holes in the swivel arms with the holes at the top of the ladder ends. Insert and tighten the bolts, then use an Allen key to tightly secure them. Please note, it is important to ensure the location pins engage with each groove in the endcaps for complete stability.

Closing your telescopic loft ladder

  • Now your ladder is installed, you just need to stow it away. Firstly, depress the two red buttons on the underside of the rung and push the rung upwards. Once out of the locked position, you can – release the buttons and continue to push the rung upwards.
  • When the rung comes into contact with the rung above, it will push the red buttons on the underside of the rung, unlocking it. Continue pushing upwards until the ladder reaches the top rung – you may need to use the plain end of the pole to close all the rungs.
  • The stowage bracket then needs to reach the sub-frame carrier bar. Use the hook at the end of the pole to hook onto the carrier bar and lift the ladder – the springs will pull the ladder up and into a horizontal position.
  • The ladder should now be safely stowed, just take the pole away and close the loft hatch.

Opening your telescopic loft ladder

  • To open and extend the telescopic loft ladder, firstly open the loft hatch. Next, use the hook at the end of the pole to hook onto the carrier bar, and pull down, which will pull the ladder into a vertical position.
  • At this point, if you can reach your ladder by hand, simply unhook the carrier bar and lower the ladder to the floor.
  • If you cannot reach the ladder by hand, take the plain end of the pole and pass it through the holes in the first two rungs. If you push the pole up, it will unhook the storage bracket, and you can lower the ladder gently.
  • Don’t forget to remove the pole before completely extending the ladder.

If you have any questions or queries about Youngman telescopic loft ladders or their installation, feel free to call our team of experts on 01752 692 760 or use the live chat and they will be more than happy to help with advice and guidance. 

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