Polycarbonate Roof Domes

Polycarbonate roof domes from Whitesales, Em-Dome modular rooflights, are high quality roof domes designed to let in natural daylight. The roof domes are manufactured from polycarbonate and they have been body-impact tested, BBA certified, CE certified and manufactured according to ISO 9001. The perfect addition to any commercial or industrial project to enable daylight to enter the space below, these polycarbonate roof domes are compatible with most flat roof systems. This includes single ply, hot-melt, liquid GRP and lead.

Installing polycarbonate domes in an educational, commercial or industrial build can allow light to flow, increasing productivity and overall happiness as has been documented as an effect of naturally lit spaces. By using flat roof domes for lighting, you can always cut down on carbon emissions and bills, sunlight is free!

When installing Em-Dome modular rooflights there are many options for you to choose from first to ensure the roof domes are a good match for the project you’re working on. Choose from square, rectangular or circular domes to match the aesthetics of the rest of the building. You can opt for these shape roof domes with a curb or as dome only so that you can create your own builders upstand if you wish.

Choosing between manual opening and powered opening means you’re able to control the roof domes from anywhere in the building, especially helpful for high ceilings where reaching the dome may present a hazard. To combat this you could also purchase an opening rod, the perfect accessory for manual opening polycarbonate domes installed high up.

Optional accessories and extras to improve the performance and your enjoyment of Em-Dome modular rooflights include EM Smoke Vents to improve overall safety rain sensors to automatically close roof domes once rain is detected and options to purchase trickle vents. Trickle vents provide a 5-10mm airspace thanks to spacer washers in the window fixings that gives permanent weatherproof ventilation.

For more information on Whitesales’ Em-Dome modular rooflights please contact us on 01752 692 760 or use our live chat in the bottom right hand corner to discuss roof domes with an expert.

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