Gas Flue Pipe Flashing

Gas flue pipe flashings are a combination collar and flashing for fixing around gas flue pipes. The flashing will weatherproof the hole in the roof around the flue pipe without the homeowner or roof installer needing to worry about the risk of fire. Designed to cope with the higher temperatures of gas flue pipes, gas flue pipe flashings operate to temperatures of at least 100 degrees Celsius. 

Gas flue pipe flashings from Sabetoflex are manufactured to suit both slate and tiled roofs. They’re not manufactured from lead so there’s no resale value to thieves and there’s more flexibility to achieve the perfect seal. This flexibility gives Sabetoflex gas flue pipe flashings the range of pitch too, suited from 7 degrees up to 48 degrees. 

Sabetoflex gas flue pipe flashings come with a Wakaflex collar which boasts a butyl strip around the edge for secure fixing. The Wakaflex collar provides an airtight seal in anthracite grey. 

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