Discontinued & Reclaimed Roof Tiles

Replicas and reproductions of popular discontinued roof tiles are commonly made so homeowners and contractors can get an exact match for replacements and repair. Manufacturers like Redland who have since discontinued extremely popular tiles (like Redland Stonewold MK1) allow companies like Repco Roof Tiles to produce these tiles.

Discontinued roof tiles

On occasion manufacturers of popular tiles and slates will discontinue a line of their products for a wide range of reasons. When this happens it can be near enough impossible to find a match to your roof tiles should you need a replacement or a spare. For discontinued roof tiles you may have to find something that's just close enough so it fits in on the roof line. Obviously this isn't the ideal practice so some companies like Repco Roof Tiles manufacture reproductions of popular discontinued roof tiles so they can continue being used. Discontinued roof tiles are often manufactured alongside their discontinued tile vents and discontinued ridges too. 

Reclaimed roof tiles

Concrete tiles, clay tiles and roof slates from a range of manufacturers have incredibly long life spans. Tiles and slates tend to out-live other parts of the roof structure like felt, batten and insulation so much so that whilst these tiles and slates are perfectly usable, the homeowner or developer opts to purchase new tiles in a different style or colour. To re-felt the roof, fix new battens or install new insulation the tiles or slates have to come off too so it's the perfect opportunity to sell the existing tiles and slates on. When these products are sold on they become known as 'reclaimed roof tiles'. They are sold by individuals or by companies who buy these to sell them on, like Repco Roof Tiles. 

Using reclaimed roof tiles is a great way to get a weathered and traditional look on a roof even if it's brand new. It's also a popular method of getting planning approval in areas where the new roof must blend perfectly into its surroundings. Using reclaimed weathered tiles in this instance can save a lot of back and forth with the local council. There is however a downside to reclaimed roof tiles - you can't buy more of the same if you run out! 

If you need 1200 reclaimed roof tiles but you have only purchased 1000, it's extremely difficult to get an exact match on the remaining 200. If you don't take into account breakages or future repair then this could leave you having to re-roof the entire roof with new tiles as there is no way to fix it with existing tiles. 

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