Polycarbonate Twin Wall Roof Sheets & Panels

Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet, also known as double wall polycarbonate sheet, is lightweight yet strong polycarbonate roofing sheet, which is UV-protected, impact resistant and also offers great thermal efficiency. Simple to install, polycarbonate twin wall roof sheets provide excellent protection against hailstones, vandals and accidental damage, whilst allowing up to 82% of light transmission, reducing the need for lights in your home or building. 

How to cut twin wall polycarbonate sheets

Cutting polycarbonate twinwall sheets is not something that should be done with a simple handheld saw. We would recommend using a circular saw or table saw in order to achieve the size of sheet required, but always ensure that the correct safety measures are undertaken whilst using these pieces of machinery. A box knife is not a very suitable way of cutting twin wall polycarbonate sheets, unless you are cutting very small parts of the polycarbonate sheet.

Working on a project but unsure about how to cut twin wall polycarbonate sheets? Here at Roofing Superstore we offer a cut-to-size service. This service will prevent you from needing to cut twinwall polycarbonate sheets yourself. Find out more about our cut-to-size twinwall polycarbonate sheet service here.

How to join twin wall polycarbonate sheets

Twinwall polycarbonate roof sheets are most commonly used in conjunction with purlins, or glazing bars. These glazing bars will not only support the polycarbonate twinwall sheets, but also provide a surface on which the polycarbonate sheets can be joined together. Additionally, twinwall polycarbonate sheets are joined together and fixed using sealing tape and fixing buttons. Roofing Superstore offers twinwall polycarbonate glazing bars and accessories in both white and brown, to provide minimal visual impact, depending on the tint of your roof sheet.

How to use polycarbonate fixing buttons

Fixing buttons for twinwall polycarbonate sheets are designed to add strength and weight bearing capabilities to twinwall polycarbonate roofs. In order to use polycarbonate fixing buttons, holes should be pre-drilled into the polycarbonate sheet, and the hole should be at least 2mm wider than the fixing button, to allow for expansion and contraction. When the holes have been drilled, fit the foam washer onto the fixing button shank, before putting the fixing button into the pre-drilled hole, and securing with a screw. Once screwed in, push the cover cap onto the top of the fixing button, and you may wish to add a bead of silicone around the fixing button to create a seal. 

When fitting polycarbonate fixing buttons, the fixing buttons should be located at 300mm intervals, ensuring that they are at least 100mm from the edge of the roofing sheet at all times. 

Speak to one of our polycarbonate twinwall sheet experts for advice about your project - give us a call on 01752 692760 and we'll be able to help you with any questions or queries.

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